As a writer I have the opportunity to travel the world and see as many places as I can, living many wonderful experiences. These very experiences make their way into journals, magazines and websites. In addition to travel writing, I also write features about art, human interest, food, film, and other things weird and wonderful in equal measure. To read a selection of these articles please click here. 

Motorsport Writing

Motorsport is often a study in human resilience. In my years covering races in various parts of the world and interviewing some of the finest racers in the world, I've learned more than just a few life lessons. My motorsport writing, primarily for OVERDRIVE magazine, can be read here

Poetry & Fiction

A flight of fancy here and a thought running away with itself there, has, on occasion, led to some verse or short fiction, which can be read here. I've also been experimenting with some hand-written journal entries, that are perhaps an acquired taste, but can be found online here


My love for photography probably outweighs my talent behind the camera. But I have fun shooting pictures on my travels, and I do enjoy shooting motorsport events too. And since I've been told one must always do what makes one happy, I persist. My work can be seen here

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