As a writer I have the opportunity to travel the world and see as many places as I can, living many wonderful experiences. These very experiences make their way into journals, magazines and websites. In addition to travel writing, I also write features about art, human interest, food, film, and other things weird and wonderful in equal measure. To read a selection of these articles please click here. 

Motorsport Writing

Motorsport is often a study in human resilience. In my years covering races in various parts of the world and interviewing some of the finest racers in the world, I've learned more than just a few life lessons. My motorsport writing, primarily for OVERDRIVE magazine, can be read here


My work in front of the camera isn't extensive, but other than presenting motorsport stories for segments of the OVERDRIVE TV show and social media channels in the past, I'm now the co-presenter of a segment called CarLovers for Deutsche Welle's REV automobile show. Click here to see the video links. 


A flight of fancy here and a thought running away with itself there, has, on occasion, led to some musings, verse or short fiction, which can be read here. Other journal entries, and pieces that I can't put anywhere else go on my blog, which you can access and read if you click right here

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