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How countries chose their driving sides
Why does roughly 65 percent of the world's population drive on the right side of the road, and the rest on the left? Who got to decide this, and what do the ancient Romans have to do with it all. We delve into lefts, rights, and wrongs. Click here to watch the full video. 

Has Norway killed the combustion engine?

Norway's EV revolution. How synth pop, tax breaks and ambitious goals changed the game for electric cars in a country that exports crude oil to the rest of the world. Well, here's how Norway did it, and what the rest of the world can learn from their EV journey. Full video here! 

Ashish Raorane - Dakar or bust
Ashish Raorane was 35 years old when he first got on an off-road motorcycle. Seven years later, he competed in his first Dakar. There have been concussions and broken bones along the way, but the Indian rider know that for him, it's Dakar or bust. Full interview feature right here!

India's glory days of racing at Sholavaram

Between 1953 and 1989 a T-shaped track called Sholavaram, near Chennai, hosted India's finest motor races. It was a race what you bring culture, that gave birth to some of the country's finest racers and tuners, some of whom regaled us with tales from the days gone. Watch the video here! 

Homai Vyarawalla's Dalda 13

India's first female photojournalist, the iconic Homai Vyarawalla, travelled through the country in her Fiat 1100 nicknamed "Dalda 13", which has achieved cult status. Now it's in the custody of car enthusiast Karl Bhote, who is out to preserve India's motoring heritage. Watch the video here. 

Marespand Dadachanji's treasured Morris 8

Meet Pebble Beach Concours winning classic car restorer Marespand Dadachanji, whose life and career has been steered by his father's Morris 8. So special is this car, that Dadachanji drives it right into his living room to keep it safe. Watch here!

66-Year Old Fiat 1100 Elegant in one family

Father-son duo, Fram & Anosh Dhondy, take immense pride and joy in their 66-year-old Fiat 1100. It's a beloved member of the family, with well over 900,000 km on the odo, and still going strong. Watch the full video here!

Manipur's transgender football team
Ya'All in Manipur is the first transgender football team in Asia. It's created a safe space for people like Mangal, helping them feel accepted and find a sense of community while playing the sport that they love. Click here to watch the video. 

Why the Parsis are obsessed with classic cars
The Parsi community in India is known for a love of classic cars that borders on the eccentric. So I tracked down some Parsis who treat their classic machines like members of the family, in a bid to find out why this stereotype exists. Full video here! 

Why Sweden is a driving paradise for teens

Cars moving at 30 km/h, holding up traffic, driven by 15-year-olds who are pleased they can get around by themselves. Well, the EPA Traktor is a right of passage that lets teens in Sweden get mobile sooner than in most other countries. Full video here!

How to extend your EV's range
How to get the most out of a single charge? REV and Ronny Wechselberger tell you how to drive more efficiently, whether or not to use driver assistance systems, and what tire pressures to use and more. Click here for the full video!

How to treat your EV battery right
There are a lot of things you could be doing wrong that have a negative impact on your EV battery. In this video REV, and Ronny Wechselberger, give you a 101 on how to keep your EV battery in the best health. Click here for the full video!

How to charge your EV absolutely anywhere!

Forget range anxiety, charge anywhere! But is it really that easy? REV, and Ronny Wechselberger,  explore home charging, wall boxes, remote charging plugs and cables, and public charging systems in Germany. Click here for the full video!

Know your EV terms!
There are a lot of confusing eMobility terms - like Kilowatts, Kilowatt Hours, Amperes, Volts and more. Understanding them is crucial to ensuring you’re EV-ready. REV gets Ronny Wechselberger to explain these terms and why they matter. Full video here! 

Berlin's mobile shower for homeless women
A shower, a meal, a counseling session, a safe space. The Berlin Duschmobil is a social initiative providing all of this and more for women in need. Is this a role model the rest of the world can follow to alleviate the issues faced by homeless people? Full video here!

Watts Up: Battery swapping good or bad?

Battery swapping is all the rage, but it isn't a new concept. REV analyzes the history of battery swapping, weighs its pros and cons, and tries to understand what the future of EV technology might bring with it. Click here for full video. 

Germany's 9€ Ticket - just a gimmick?

In summer 2022, Germany introduced a 9€ ticket to try and get more people to use public transport. DW REV tried to analyse whether this was just a gimmick, or a role model for the rest of the world to emulate. Click here for the full video!


Charlie Martin on being Trans in motorsport

Returning to the racetrack after transitioning was the hardest, but most rewarding thing Charlie Martin has ever done. But as she says in this interview, "What's the point of living, if you're not living as you?" Click here to watch Charlie's inspirational story. 

CS Santosh on life after death
CS Santosh, suffered a horrific crash at the 2021 Dakar Rally. When he came around, he didn't remember who he was. This is the story of how he must first find himself, and then someday get back to competing in the dunes. Click here to watch.

Watts Up: Are eScooters the way forward?
Electric scooters are being hailed as India's pollution solution. And Ather Energy, Ola Electric and Hero Electric are fighting to be number one. But what challenges lie ahead as the average Indian tries to embrace eMobility? Click here to watch.

IAA 2021: Top Trends

No longer a "motor" show nor an "auto" show, but a "mobility" show. That's just one of the trends I noticed at the 2021 IAA in Munich, which had an emphasis on green tech and future mobility. Click here to watch DW REV's roundup. 

IAA 2021: Top Cars
Popped over to Munich to try and spot a few new cars at the 2021 IAA. Here are the ones that we found the most interesting, abeit unconventional, summarized in this handy little video for DW REV. Click here to watch. 

Mercedes-Benz EQS First Drive

Took the all-electric interpretation of Mercedes' S-Class out for a spin to see what all the fuss was about. Is the EQS really the best luxury electric car available? And how will its tech filter down to other Mercedes models. Click here for the video. 

What does Tesla's Indian advent really mean?
When the news of Tesla heading to India first broke, it caught plenty of attention. But can the very successful Silicon Valley startup really take the challenge to established Indian manufacturers who are also going the EV way? Click here to find out. 


Porsche Taycan 4S vs Kia eSoul

A dash from Frankfurt to Berlin in two EVs. Can the Kia eSoul make it all the way to Berlin on a single charge? Can the Taycan 4S make multiple charging stops and still be there first? Who will win - Ronny or Vaishali? Click here to watch.

Porsche Taycan 4S at the Nurburgring

The Nurburgring is hallowed ground for car enthusiasts and motorsport enthusiasts alike. What better place to try and put the Porsche Taycan 4S through its paces! Watch Ronny have a go at setting an unofficial open track day lap record in the Taycan 4S here. And as a bonus, click here to watch his POV video of the entire lap. 


Can the Porsche Taycan 4S beat Google Maps?

A race against the clock, or a race against Google Maps in this case. We took the Porsche Taycan 4S from the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin to Schloss Neuschwanstein in Schwangau, in an attempt to see if we could beat Google Maps' predicted ETA for us. Things got very tricky. Click here to watch the full video on DW REV's YouTube channel.


Ronny vs Vaishali in the Toyota RAV4

The Toyota RAV4 hybrid is the world's best-selling SUV. We tried to put it through its paces somewhat unconventionally. Ronny tried only driving it in reverse, I tried to drive it without letting the internal combustion engine kick in at all. Watch here. 


Things you shouldn't do in an old Peugeot 604

Back when the Berlin Wall still stood, and when the people of East Berlin had to make do with Trabbies, German head of state Erich Honecker drove an imported Peugeot 604. We gave it a go as well, and found out it's fun in a slalom. Link to video here. 


DW REV CarLovers Ep. 1: Nissan Leaf

The first episode of DW REV's CarLovers features Ronny, me, and a Nissan Leaf. How much of the Leaf's battery power can I consume in a couple of laps at the Groß Dölln track, and can Ronny find an EV charger in the middle of nowhere? Click here.  


WRC 2019 Rally of Spain

OVERDRIVE headed to the Rally of Spain in Catalunya to follow the fortunes of the Citroen team. Possibly not the ideal weekend during which to have caught up with Sebastien Ogier, but here's the interview for you to watch. 

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